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Your Neighborhood Witch


About Readings

Our time together is collaborative. We have the answers inside of us and seeking my guidance to bring those answers forth is empowering and fulfilling.

I also share my own intuitive downloads that allow you to keep asking more questions, gaining more and more clarity.

Sometimes spirit guides or loved ones will send nudges. I listen and incorporate those into your readings but if you want to ask your loved ones questions back, it is better to use my mediumship sessions.

Port St Lucie, FL

Est. 1991


Types of Services

Tarot, Mediumship, Pendulum, Runes, Spirit/Angel Guides, Animal Guides, Rituals, Potions, Spells, Crystal Clearings, Home Clearings, Energy Clearings or a customized session or clearing based on your unique needs. 

Pet Energetic Sessions available.

Group Readings or Mediumship Sessions available.

About Kimberly

Kimberly is a gifted psychic and medium whose extraordinary abilities have been an integral part of her life since childhood. With a profound connection to the spiritual realm, Kimberly serves as a conduit to help you discover the answers that lie within you. Through her intuitive guidance, she provides a unique and insightful journey, connecting you with your spirit or animal guides, and even facilitating communication with departed loved ones.

As Your Neighborhood Witch, she delves deeper into the roots of your challenges, guiding you through a transformative journey. Unlike quick fixes, her approach is anchored in the ancient wisdom of the wise crone, offering profound insights and spiritual connections that endure.

In the heart of your community, she has cultivated a sacred space where ancient wisdom meets modern challenges. Unlike fleeting fixes, her approach is steeped in the ageless knowledge of the wise crone—a guide through life’s labyrinth, offering insights that stand the test of time.



Customized Spells, Potions and Rituals designed around your needs and desires.


When your beloved fur baby isn’t acting right and the vet can’t seem to pinpoint an issue or has unresolved anxiety or behaviors, I’ll connect with them and read into what is happening for them.


Tarot, Mediumship, Pendulum, Runes, Spirit/Angel Guides, Animal Guides


Crystal Clearings, Home Clearings, Energy Clearings or a customized session or clearing based on your unique needs.


I faciliate Moon Circles for full moons, new moons, Solstices and Equinoxes.

I can come to your home and your group (women, men or co-gender) and run your moon circle or you can attend one of my group zoom or in-person moon circles.

I've never had someone lead me into such a powerful deep dive before

Kimberly led me into inner journey to speak to my inner child, all the way back to heal such a tender and raw place. And she did it masterfully and with such love.



These Moon Circles are like none I've ever attended

Kimberly’s moon circles truly allow you to tap into the moon’s energy and message. Her customized rituals that you can use all month or all year integrate with what you are calling in or letting go of in such a unique and fun way.


~ LP

This reading was profound!

I’ve had many readings but Kimberly’s intution and probing questions really allow you to look within and come up with the answers. Such masterful guidance and shifts! Thank you!



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